check my camera

Gives you peace of mind that everything that could go wrong has been tested

Are you sure your cameras are recording?

Murphy's Law states: “Anything that can go wrong - will go wrong!”

It is precisely at that most important moment that you may discover the recordings are not there. Something's gone wrong ....
check my camera detects camera system faults in advance, providing the user with sufficient time for correction or repair.
check my camera checks the camera, recording system, and communication lines – ensuring the system is recording as required at all times.
check my camera provides the user with daily email notifications regarding the true state of the system and all components thereof.
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Why do systems stop recording?

Recording systems, like other technological systems, are subject to possible system malfunctions as a result of various internal or external factors which may interfere with proper functioning of recordings. Among such factors are the following:
  • Power outages, dips and surges
  • Memory faults
  • Resetting or incorrect change of settings
  • Hard drive or digital media failure
  • Camera malfunction
  • Incorrect networking of cameras
  • High temperatures / system overheating
  • Dirt or visual disturbance in cameras
check myc amera

Common Error #1

“The system is active, therefore it must be recording”

check my camera On-screen display of the cameras or proper functioning of system menus is insufficient as indication that the recording system is in proper working order. Moreover - the system is capable of working regardless of the existence of a recording drive.

In most cases, recording malfunctions do not disturb the system's overall visual functionality and will not always trigger relevant system notification.

Only proactive physical testing of recorded files on each and every channel is able to confirm the system is recording content as required.

Common Error #2

"My system tests itself and issues warning”

This approach corresponds to the famous “cat watching over the milk” proverb … for if there truly is a problem with the system, how can we be sure the problem does not affect the system's ability to monitor its own functionality and issue relevant warnings regarding?

The CHECK MY CAMERA system is an external, independent system, that remains unaffected by typical system failures, providing the user with a reliable and accurate image of the true system state.